CashforGoldandDiamonds Claims to Offer the Highest Price for Gold

Cash for Gold and Diamonds is one of the most trusted and reliable online platform to get the highest price paid for gold, diamond and other precious metal. They are in fact a registered member of the honourable “Jewelry Board of Trade”, “The Better Business Bureau” and “Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee.” They claim to give the highest prices for your precious metal based on daily New York market price.

“We offer you the easiest, quickest, and most lucrative way to sell your gold in the modern market” said a spokesperson of Cash for Gold and Diamonds. Whether you were thinking regarding checking out local gold purchasers or even selling to another online competitor, we believe that once you have a good look at what we are willing and able to proffer our customers, you’ll certainly agree with the ease & profitability of the procedure. All jewelry and diamonds are very cautiously examined, assessed and tested and is precisely weighed via the Pennyweight so that you get full & fair value for your unwanted gold, diamonds or any other precious metal or valuable gems that you may have.

We receive all karats, colors, and varieties of gold. This encompasses everything from yellow to white gold, and also gold from 10k to 24k. We accept gold coins, gold bars, watches, gold scarp, rings – as long as it has value, we can assist you turn them into quick and real hard cash.

Besides the versatility & profitability involved while working with us, you will discover that the procedure itself is easy and safe. Our simple process of buying gold has made us the industry leader, never misplacing a package. Just send us your gold and within 24 hours of receiving your packet we’ll provide you with an offer price and if everything goes well you’ll be paid within the next 24 hours – as simple as that. In the event that you are unhappy with your settlement, you will sent back your valuables immediately without any damage to our jewelry and no cost on your part. Nothing could be easier!

“Selling to us is like selling to a member of the family and we will retain that faith by giving you the highest prices paid for gold” the spokesperson said to conclude the press meeting.


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