Cashfor GoldandDiamonds…… Shares Some Tips On How to Get the Best Value for Your Unwanted Gold

Selling old & unwanted gold can be a fast & convenient way to make some additional cash whenever the emergency or need arise. Gold looks to be a very safe bet in comparison to other forms of investments, such as shares and stocks.

“With so many cash for gold companies claiming to give the best price for your valuables, it may be a tough ask to find a company that can give you the best price for your gold and diamond jewelry. To help you here I have explained a few tips that you may like to follow” said a spokesperson of Cash for Gold and Diamonds.

Get a value for your gold:

You can also find an assessment from street jeweler to establish a rough idea of what your jewelry is worth.

In case of sending your ornament to any ‘cash-for-gold’ firm always get an assessment first. And if you think you are being provided an unsatisfactory deal keep in mind that you can ask for an improved price or request to return your valuables. The owner says that he has an A+ Rating from The Better Business Bureau and has never lost a valuable package in the last 18 years of on –line service.

Sell gold online:

If you reside in a region with very few jewelers, or are unable to get a satisfactory deal for your jewelry at your local store, you could try selling your gold online on sites such as Here you can find the highest prices paid for gold.

Look at the worth of the entire item, not only the gold:

Gold purchasers are usually keen just in the worth of the precious metal making up gold jewelry, instead of any valuable stones in them or the worth of the craftsmanship. Cash for gold firms may take away stones from gold ornament and abandon them if you send off earrings, rings and necklaces set with precious gems – preventing you from cashing in their full value. has been paying for the precious stone over and beyond the weight of the gold alone. They have retail customers that are willing to pay top dollar, so in turn they also pay top dollar.

Likewise, high-fashion or branded jewellery may be worth more if kept whole, than if you sell it on for melting.

Other items, such as old coins, medals and keepsakes, may be worth far more than you’d ever receive from a cash-for-gold firms, or even from a non-specialist high street jeweller.

If you suspect any items you own have more value than just the gold in them, antiques or might be of interest to collectors, get them properly assessed and valued before selling them.

Compare the reputation of the cash for gold firm before dealing:

“Simply Googling the names of particular cash for gold companies, scrolling through the outcomes the search-engine returns and ignoring paid advertises should aid you with your research” the spokesperson said further.


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