How to Make Sure Your Online Gold Buyer Is A Genuine One?

There are so many times in your life, when you’d like to sell your old jewelry for some immediate cash. The reasons may be that your jewelries are old fashioned or broken, you have lost interest to keep them, or perhaps that you require some immediate cash. Despite whichever reason forced you to sell your gold jewelry, there’re quite a few good reasons why you must pick an online gold buyer, rather than a Brick and Mortar store. However, with so many gold buyers available online these days you must be wondering how to get the highest price paid for gold or diamonds and most importantly how to identify if your service provider is legitimate or not. Let me guide you through:

Check out the physical address of the gold purchaser:

If you’re browsing online for gold purchasers, you may have observed that hundreds of gold purchasers have just popped up from nowhere. A lot of firms just provide a Post box number rather than their contact details. Watch out those firms! Always try to verify the physical address of the purchaser via their official website or employing the phone number supplied in their site. Also, use Google Maps to ensure that the address and the city given is real.

Make sure with the gold purchaser if they’re offering you any insurance protection for the valuables you’re looking to ship. There’re many reputed firms that offer insured shipping to their customers, so if anything happen wrong it will get covered through the insurance. Nonetheless, it’s essential to ensure that the firm is offering you insurance protection for the value of your gold. If items are very valuable we suggest insuring through the U.S. Postal Service, a most efficient and easy method of mailing.


What type of offer do the purchasers provide you?

There’re basically 2 ways employed by gold buyers to notify you when they’ve made an offer. Several firms will send you a check with limited time period to get in touch with them if you not agree with the cost they’re giving. Nevertheless, it has been discovered that in a majority of the circumstances the check itself will reach to you when it’s hardly 2-3 days left to finalize the disagreement. As soon as this time period is over, the dealer will melt your ornament and you hardly can do anything about it.

In the 2nd procedure, the dealer will e-mail or call you for the final offer and provide you to some time frame to think about it. They’ll send you the check if you’re happy with their offering otherwise they’ll return your ornament. has been using this method for 15 years with great success.

Once you are satisfied with the answers to the aove mentioned questions you are all set and ready to get the best deal – no matter whether you are looking for the highest prices for engagement ring or that damaged bracelet. So, be a smart customer!

Cash for gold and diamonds, has an outstanding reputation with an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and members of prestigious jewelry organizations.


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