4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Unwanted Gold

Obviously selling old & unwanted gold is the fastest & convenient way to get some additional cash during emergency. Gold is certainly considered to be the safest bet in terms of investment compared to other forms investment, like stocks & shares.

No doubt you are looking for the highest prices for engagement ring that you got from your other half some years back. But how can you do with lots of cash for gold firms claiming to give you the best. Here is my guideline.

Evaluate the worth of your gold first:

Before deciding to put them for sale, find out how much you’ll get approximately for your valuables. Checking out the hallmarks & weighing your valuables will assist you evaluate how much your stuff might be worth according to the present gold costs.

If you want to send your valuables to cash for gold firms always try to find a valuation first. If you think you are being provided a bad deal, you can ask for a better price or ask the company to return your valuables.

Compare different deals & haggle prior to your sell your gold:

While selling your unwanted gold, try to shop around as much as you can – and don’t fear to bargain if you believe you aren’t being offered enough. Since there are quite a few companies out there battling for survival, you are bound to get a good deal.

Sell your gold online:

If there are not many jewelers in the area you are living, or are unable to get a reasonable deal for your gold valuables on the local prawn shop, you better try selling them online. Not all online gold buyers are scam, so do some research and you will definitely end with a reliable dealer.

Be sure about the worth of the whole item rather than just the gold:

Gold purchasers are usually keen only in the worth of the metal making up gold stuff, instead of any valuable stones in them. Cash for gold firms may take away stones from gold ornament & discard them if you send off earrings, rings and necklace with costly gems – stopping you from getting their value.

Other stuff, such as medals and gold coins, may be value far more than you would ever get from a cash for gold company, or even from a high-street jeweler.

If you think any stud you own have more value than just the gold in them, are antiques or might be of interest to collectors, get them perfectly evaluated and valued prior to selling them.

Getting the highest price paid for gold should not be a tough deal if you follow these tips. Best of luck!


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