How to Get a Fair Value for Your Old Diamonds?

The best thing about investing in diamonds is these valuable gems will forever remain precious. Obviously, the theory is that these gems maintain their quality in respect to the cut, clarity, color and carat, which should be simple when these gems are stored properly.

Purchasers of diamonds abound in several places, so it shouldn’t be tough to find someone who’ll purchase the gems. Then again, selling diamonds need certain steps to follow so the seller will get the best value for their precious stone rather than being cheated by any unreliable purchasers who compensate a small part of the real market worth for diamonds. Here are a few important steps to follow if you’re wondering how to get the highest prices for your diamond engagement ring, necklace, diamond wedding band or any piece of diamond jewelry.


Get an Expert Appraisal:

If you’re selling your diamonds only, but not the ornaments or setting that came with it, I recommend removing the gems from their setting. Also, strive to keep the stones as glittery as feasible by wiping them with a clean fabric and storing in a secure and clean place.

Collect info regarding the reasonable market value of diamonds as per the above discussed 4Cs, with the finest resources being the Internet. Through primary calculations, the feasible market worth of the metals can be confirmed.

Professional evaluation of the stones, nevertheless, is still a must while selling, for several reasons. You’ll be notified regarding the total prospective worth of the metals by an objective expert in jewelry and the supposed evaluation of which will be the foundation foe comparisons amid the different kinds of diamond purchasers.

Select the Selling Venue:

There’re several legitimate venues where you can sell your old diamonds. Below mentioned are a few:

1 – Local Jewellery shops are decent place to sell diamonds particularly when you’re a customer. The mainstream will offer reasonable prices with the expectation that you’ll come to purchase a diamond ornament from them as well.

2 – Auction establishments can also offer a good deal, especially when the old jewelry are precious in every sense. The bidding sum may go higher until such time that your actual profits have more than doubled than anticipated. I usually don’t advice online auction sites in selling your old diamonds, however.

3 – Online sites purchasing gemstones & jewellery pieces can offer great value for your old diamonds. Just ensure to have the primary assessment on hand as numerous scam artists take benefit of the relative obscurity of the web to swindle owners of their diamonds by as much as 95 percent of their reasonable market worth.


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