Want to Sell Your Diamond? Know How the Price Will Be Determined

After entering the phrase “I want the highest prices for my diamond” in Google search box you will possible come across a lot of gold & diamond buyers or brokers that promise to give you the best price for your valuables. However, before anticipating something unrealistic just because of the false claim of online diamond buyers you may wish to know what buyers seek when deciding the price of your valuables.

Well, diamonds have 4 characteristics that decide the worth and they’re cut, clarity, color and carat.


A diamond will be termed as “rough” if it stays in its natural condition. Nonetheless, when a cut is made, it’s the cut that’ll decide the worth. There’re several shapes that will come from cuts like Brilliant, Oval, Princess and Heart.

The objective of the cutter is to create cuts that bring the best of the diamond. The more they’re capable of doing so, the more sizzling it’ll be in look therefore making it more precious.

Color is yet another essential cost deciding aspect. The color of a diamond occurs during its creation. Sometimes elements like boron or nitrogen may merge with the crystal, which can produce blue or yellow shades correspondingly.

Diamonds acquire a grade according to its color emergence. The scale starts at D for a majority of colorless diamonds and runs through Z, for dyed colors. The more white your diamond is in appearance, the more precious it is.


How clear your diamond looks will also have an impact on its worth. Buyers will assess clarity by testing the metal for inclusions. Inclusions take place when non-crystallized carbon caught in the diamond throughout its creation. This is result offers the metal with a distinctive appearance.

A grading scale will be in action while determining clarity. Therefore the most pure diamonds are faultless, as they’ve no internal or external faults. The scale runs from flawless to imperfect 3, which’s when the metal possesses dark inclusions that are noticeable and may change the look of the diamond over time because of wear. The grades closer to flawless will harvest the diamond the best value in the evaluation procedure.

Finally, the carat size of your diamond plays an important part while deciding its worth. A carat is the assessment employed to discover the weight of the diamond. Carats also have a scale based on their weight as each carat divides into 100 points. The more the carat size, the more precious your diamond will be.

However, it’s also essential to keep in mind that a large carat sized diamond mayn’t be more precious in comparison to a smaller sized one in case the quality is terrible. Thus, carat can decide the value, but only when it is accompanied with other aspects.


These 4 details will decide how valuable your diamond is. Whenever you are looking to sell your diamonds, keep in mind these above mentioned characteristics, since they can aid you comprehend the procedure when you’ve your diamond evaluated. Wish you best of luck!


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