Want To Sell Your Unwanted Gold? Know How to Find An Authentic Gold Buyer

If there is any advantage to the bitter debate regarding the debt ceiling, it is this: That gold bracelet accumulating dirt in your jewelry box worth much more than it was a 4 or 5 months back.

People keen in selling their unwanted gold jewelry will find no scarcities of purchasers. Gold purchasing kiosks are popping up everywhere. Several jewelry shops, pawn stores and online retailers pay instant cash for gold.

Though gold can be considered as a boon during the tough times, but it can risky as well if you don’t know how to go about it. Here are few tips to help you find a reliable gold buyer that ensure you get the highest price paid for gold.


Check Out Their Credentials:

The business must be licensed to purchase your gold jewelry. You also need to look for a purchaser who has been there for at least a 3 or 4 years. If they have been in this business for 6 months, and it is a combination of gas station and gold purchaser, you can’t expect the best return for your valuables.

Get An Evaluation:

Have intricate or antique jewelry evaluated prior to selling it to a purchaser that compensates by weight. Those gold chains back in the 80s are possibly worth more for meltdown value in comparison to their artistry. But antique jewelry could be worth more than the gold it is made of.

Safeguard Your Precious Metal From Loss:

Prior to shipping your unwanted gold to a purchaser, get an assessment so you will have evidence of worth if the ornament is misplaced. You also need to check out the purchaser’s compensation guidelines in the case of a loss.

Keep Yourself Up-To-Date With the Price of Gold:

There are many sites over the internet that shows the latest price of gold. Though that isn’t the price you are going to find for your jewelry, but it will offer you a good idea about the estimated value.

Be Practical:

Your antique engagement ring might offer you with some additional cash, but it can’t make you wealthy. Gold dealers will only compensate you for the volume of gold in your ornament and very few things are composed of gold. For instance, a fourteen-karat ring is only 58 percent gold; the rest is basic metals. Prior to making an offer, a purchase may do what is called as a “karat fineness” test – which encompasses scratching the metal – to find the gold content.

By following these above mentioned steps you won’t just find a reliable gold buyer but also get the highest prices paid for gold.

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